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Instant Mix Concrete in Birmingham

Zero Waste – Only Pay For What You Use!


Commercial & Domestic Concrete Birmingham

Thanks to our advanced volumetric mix vehicles, the team at Instant Mix Concrete is able to deliver the exact quantities of our premium-quality concrete so that there’s absolutely no waste. We’ll mix it up on-site, and you simply pay for what you need. Our prices start from just £130 per m2 and we are able to deliver quantities from 0.5m3 upwards.

We are based in the heart of Birmingham and our mixing mobile plant vehicles deliver Birmingham-wide and beyond. We pride ourselves in the standard of our concrete and only use virgin quarry aggregates so that you will always be assured of the highest finish.

We supply both domestic concrete in Birmingham and surrounding areas, and commercial concrete mix so whatever the size of the task in hand, get in touch with us today and we’ll be happy to provide you with a quote. Our team is skilled in mixing and delivering the best quality concrete to locations all over the West Midlands. Choose Instant Mix Concrete and you’ll be choosing the best.


Commercial Concrete Mix Birmingham

We have been supplying the commercial sector in Birmingham and the surrounding areas for 30 years and we are extremely proud to have earned ourselves an outstanding reputation in the business.

Companies rely on us to provide premium-quality commercial concrete mix in Birmingham, and we are well known in the area for being one of the top floor screed suppliers in Birmingham too.

Our concrete is only ever made from quarry aggregates – never recycled materials. That way, you are assured of a product that will give the highest finish. As well as first class quality materials, we are also able to offer eight different types of concrete to suit your own specific needs. So whether you’re in need of concrete screed in Birmingham or concrete for a commercial building project, get in touch with us today. One of our expert and friendly team members will be able to provide you with a quote and discuss booking arrangements.


Types of Concrete

Here is a more in-depth breakdown of the commercial-grade concrete we offer:

You’ll find these concrete mixes used widely throughout projects in both the commercial industry and domestic realm. It can be used in kerb bedding, cavity filling, and domestic foundations, plus much more besides.

The C10/GEN 1 mix offers multiple uses across the construction industry. It can be used to trench fill, in drainage works, and as pad foundations. 

If there’s no implanted metal, then C15/GEN 2 mix concrete is the perfect mix for floors within the home. If you’re looking for a concrete floor that will be on show (i.e. with no carpet or tiles placed over it), then this is the mix for you. It can also be used in step paving and foundations for smaller scale walls.

The C20 or GEN 3 mix is most usually found in lighter use domestic projects. For instance, this mix is ideal for shed bases and driveways, and it can also be used to form interior floor slabs (with no implanted metal). Elsewhere, it can also be used to form foundations for larger walls and extensions. 

This standardised mix concrete is a hugely versatile mix and is widely used across both domestic and commercial projects. It can be used in a number of applications such as mass concrete fill, general groundworks, kerb works, and smaller projects such as patios.

You’ll find this form of concrete used in most outdoor paving and outdoor projects that have lighter use – such as domestic driveways, paths and garages. PAV1 includes an additive that creates standard-sized air bubbles. These air bubbles help ensure the surface of the concrete is protected during the colder months when the freeze-thaw cycle occurs.

This concrete type is seriously heavy duty, and with that in mind, it is often used in both industrial and commercial applications. You’ll find this form of concrete used in raft foundations, external slabbing, and reinforced bases that have heavy-duty industrial vehicles and machinery working on them. PAV 2 mix also contains an air entrainment additive so that air bubbles are formed within the concrete – this helps ensure the surface of the concrete is protected from the freeze-thaw process.

This tough commercial grade concrete is often used in work that needs a seriously strong concrete mix. It’s ideal for use in structural beams, agricultural use, road works, and in foundations.

Domestic Concrete Birmingham

Whatever domestic project you’re working on, we’ll have the right ready mix concrete to suit your needs.

We supply eight different types of instant mix concrete in Birmingham and the surrounding areas, and can advise you as to which one will be the perfect one for your job.

Our domestic grade concrete is suitable for a host of home improvement work from garage conversions and patios to home extensions and flooring work. To help you understand the different types of concrete we supply, please take a look through our glossary of terms. Here you’ll find everything you need to know about our ready mix domestic concrete in Birmingham.


Glossary of Concrete Terms

Here is a more in-depth breakdown of the commercial-grade concrete we offer:

This form of concrete is the most widely used concrete there is. Place your order for the type of concrete and the quantity, and it is mixed at a batching plant for you – it is then delivered by drum mixer to your site. Standard ready mix concrete is used throughout large work sites, in basement builds, and where there are time and space restrictions present.

Mobile volumetric mixing vehicles mix your volumetric concrete on-site. It ensures zero waste, you only pay for what you need, and if you need more or less concrete on the day, then it can be mixed for you there and then.

This concrete mix includes added chemicals that give it a high flow rate. That means, when it’s poured, it is able to level and compact by itself – no intervention is needed. It’s fast, and is ideal if you have limited labour resources. You’ll find it used in pre-cast structures, walls, foundations, and floors.

If your concrete is going to be on show, decorative concrete is what’s needed. This form of concrete comes in numerous textures and colours and is used in domestic floors, architectural feature pieces and decorative paving.

The clue is in the name when it comes to rapid set concrete. This fast-working material is ideal when you need to get a move on with a project. It sets quickly and that also means it’s ideal in winter months when the cold weather often means traditional concrete cannot dry or set in time. It is used in many applications from fence work, road renovations, and general concrete repair work.

Roll compacted concrete works in a similar way to asphalt. It has high-load bearing capabilities and once laid can be used in just a couple of hours. It is fast, efficient, and needs no foamwork or additional prep work to finish it. You will find it used across a number of projects from airport taxiways to pavements and roads.

Fibre concrete has many small fibres laced throughout the mix. This means it is given an almost ‘mesh-like’ structure which can significantly help with structural integrity. Durability and strength are increased and the need for a steel rebar in your build project is reduced. Furthermore, this form of concrete should suffer less from any cracks or shifting. It is used in domestic buildings, industrial floors, and exterior hardstandings.

This form of concrete allows water to permeate through to the ground below. That means the risk of pooling or flooding is minimised and water waste is limited. It is ideal for sustainable projects, car parks, light traffic developments, and also swimming pools.

With a plasticiser added, this form of concrete ensures a high slump so that it moves freely when it is poured. It is perfect for a number of uses but is often used in cable laying and pipe work. As it is able to provide a smooth finish with neat, crisp lines, it is also used in concrete worktops.

This highly versatile concrete mix has a range of qualities. It is self-compacting, load spreading, and also offers thermal qualities. What’s more, it can be mixed with additives to offer further qualities such as pigments, fibres, retarders, and accelerators. It is used in trench reinstatements, to cover pipe work, and to fill voids.

This concrete mix is sulphate resistant so it is often used in foundation work where soil or clay soil that could contain sulphate may be present. In this mix, there will be a minimum cement content of 330kg per metre cubed.

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